Friday, September 7, 2007

Today is my birthday.

Last night Tom suggested that we go to New York and visit our son. This isn’t logical because he just left our house from leave on Wednesday. Tom wanted to visit him on Thursday so here we are in New York on Friday sitting on his boat. You have to read my book to learn about Tom’s Lally Logic. Tom didn’t suggest that we go to New York for my birthday. I already got my wheel barrel of corn. My book explains all about the wonderful gifts I receive from this cartoon character I married.
It is two weeks today since I turned in my manuscript to a line editor. Maybe it will be done today since it took two years to write. One week of editing for each year. However they said it will take three to five weeks. I don’t know how this publishing business works. I wonder where my best selling manuscript is now. Is it sitting somewhere in a pile of manuscripts in an office somewhere? Is someone reading it now word by word? Are there many mistakes?

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