Thursday, September 6, 2007

Some things never change

Things are getting back to normal today. Our son, Marty was home on leave from the army and left yesterday for a base in New York. As a young boy, he always enjoyed playing practical jokes on his Dad. He hasn’t changed much in that area even though he is thirty-six. But now Marty tries to outsmart him with mind games especially in the area of technology. He knows his father is obsessed with being on the cutting edge of high technology so he is constantly trying to get something higher tech than his father.
My book is full of the tricks Marty played on his Dad as a young boy. He would wait until Tom was resting in his recliner and drifted into a sound sleep. Then Marty would get a screw driver and slither across the room on his belly and remove the handle for the footstool. He would slither back across the room with the handle and anxiously wait until his Dad woke up and reached for the handle to get up. Then Tom yelled, “Martin!” He would smile and walk into the living room and say, “Dad, did you call me?
Not a day went by without Marty playing a joke on his father. The bizarre thing was that Tom fell for his antics day after day.

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