Sunday, September 30, 2007

Promoting my book, business cards.

Well today I gave out a total of 1 card about my book information. I had plenty of opportunity at church and at the coffee shop to pass out my cards and promote my book but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I wouldn’t have given out this one card if the person hadn’t said to me, “I heard you wrote a book.” Stepping out of the comfort zone of my family and friends was a little harder than I anticipated. Even though my friends make comments about my book they will be there for me and will buy a copy. Their comments prepared me a bit for future rejection. Even the friend who said, “Who the *#****## wants to read a book about Lal.” He said about a month ago I’ll buy a book but I’m not going to any wine and cheese book signing. I don’t like wine.” I’m sure he will be there. I still have some time to change his mind.
I have never liked being the center of attention. I belonged to organizations and worked on many committees and had great ideas and suggestions but I always avoided the speaking and such and stayed in the background.
I got other people to pass out my cards. Again I managed to stay in the background. My mother in law and sister in law came over for a visit and I gave each of them a pile to pass out. Then I called my daughter and gave her a pile to pass out. All the cards are gone.I think I will work on a flyer and hang it in the post office and the coffee shop and where ever. I’m not ready for this one on one promoting outside of my family and friends.

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