Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Does color really make a difference?

Today I am wondering about what colors they will use to make my cover. Will they suggest colors or will I pick out the colors I like? What color makes a best selling book?
My book is a humorous book. Is there a color used for humor? What about romance novels, murder mysteries, religious books, or how to books is there a color for each or do they just randomly pick a color. Does it really make a difference?
Some people have spent much time studying colors and how they affect people. Tom was telling me just the other day about an article he read about the different colors and what mood they were suppose to put you in. But I have my doubts about this theory because when I’m happy, angry, sad, disgusted, ambitious or lazy color has nothing to do with my mood. I could go in and out of all the colors in the rainbow and still be happy, angry, sad, disgusted, ambitious or lazy. Many other factors enter into my mood and color is not one of them. Especially when I’m in my romantic mood it’s usually dark and I have my glasses off so I couldn’t see a color even if I had too. However, if anyone has a tip on a color that will put people in a mood to buy my book; let me know. I’m open for suggestions. Just what color could that be?

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