Friday, April 23, 2010

Attention-grabber at Book Signings

Not surprisingly Mr. “Cartoon Character” wants to come up with an attention-grabber to get people interested and approach the table at my book signings. He has suggested balloons, jar of candy, pictures from book, and shirts with the “Cartoon Character on.
I think maybe his presence at the table might help instead of playing with his gadgets in the coffee shop. Does anyone have any suggestion of what to do to get people’s attention?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Signing at Northway Mall in Pittsburgh

I talked to numerous people today at my book signing. Many women expressed that they too had married a cartoon character. Isn’t Tom lucky to have a wife who wrote a whole book about him?
Tom came along to keep me company while I was doing my book signing. Check out the pictures and see how much company he was for me. His cousin was at the baseball game in Pittsburgh a few miles from the bookstore and I think Tom was secretly hoping that he would stop by and keep him company. However I think Tom was the last thing on his cousin’s mind this afternoon.
The Pennsylvania hills never cease to amaze me. I went into Borders and then walked down the hall of the mall, then rode an escalator to the second floor, then rode an escalator to the third floor. While on the third floor I noticed doors at one end of the hallway. I thought, “Why are there doors on the third floor?” As I was thinking this, some people opened the doors and walked through. Now how can you walk into a mall go up to the third floor and walk outside. Only in Pennsylvania.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Signing in Butler

Rocky's Crowd vs Liz's Crowd

My book signing at Clearview Mall was very exciting. The former Steelers Legendary Running Back, Rocky Bleier, was having an autograph session down the hall from the bookstore where I was doing my book signing. People were waiting in line and paying $35 for his autograph. My autograph was the cost of my book and I had no line, however I had a steady flow of people stopping and talking to me about my book. A strange thing, at each of my book signings one person has approached me and asked for my autograph but didn’t buy my book.I wonder at what point I will be getting $35 for my autograph.
I must have blended into the bookstore because four people approached me and asked me questions about books in the bookstore. They thought I worked in the bookstore. I especially enjoyed talking to the elderly gentleman who asked me where the western books were located. I told him I didn’t work in the store and that I was here signing my book, Help! I Married a Cartoon Character. We talked about western books for a while. He was very interesting.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Episodes on U-Tube

Tom and I must not have enough to do because we came up with the idea of acting out some of the episodes from my book and send them to The Marriage Ref, Ellen, and U-Tube. I write the script and direct and Tom is the cameraman and editor. We only have to do a couple takes since the episodes are issues we act in life on a daily basis. The disputes are never solved they just go on and on. Go to You Tube to see our episodes.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Signing at Monaca

My book signing in the Beaver Valley Mall was a great success. I met many interesting people. I especially enjoy talking to the people who wrote a book and asked me how I published my book.
Many people picked up my book and looked through it, some bought it, and everyone chuckled. I also noticed passer-byes looking over at my book on display, Help! I Married a Cartoon Character and smile. It feels good to put a smile on peoples faces.
I met an interesting young gentleman who talked to me about my book. I told him some of the stories I wrote about. One story in particular was from the chapter, The Romantic, where Tom was going to reach into a dumpster and get me some flowers. I talked to him for awhile about my romantic cartoon character husband then he left. Apparently he understood my perspective about getting flowers from a dumpster because a while later he came back and handed me a bouquet of flowers and said, “These weren’t from a dumpster!” Words can’t explain how I felt at that moment

Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Title

I am in the process of writing another book and just like my first book Help! I Married a Cartoon Character I am struggling with a title. Again I have written enough stories for three books so I have to pick a title and sort out the stories for the title. One title is The World Through My Eyes, another is Help! I’m Turning Into a Cartoon Character and of course I have enough stories for Help! I Married a Cartoon Character 2. The stories of my cartoon character just keep on happening they never end.