Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Signing at Monaca

My book signing in the Beaver Valley Mall was a great success. I met many interesting people. I especially enjoy talking to the people who wrote a book and asked me how I published my book.
Many people picked up my book and looked through it, some bought it, and everyone chuckled. I also noticed passer-byes looking over at my book on display, Help! I Married a Cartoon Character and smile. It feels good to put a smile on peoples faces.
I met an interesting young gentleman who talked to me about my book. I told him some of the stories I wrote about. One story in particular was from the chapter, The Romantic, where Tom was going to reach into a dumpster and get me some flowers. I talked to him for awhile about my romantic cartoon character husband then he left. Apparently he understood my perspective about getting flowers from a dumpster because a while later he came back and handed me a bouquet of flowers and said, “These weren’t from a dumpster!” Words can’t explain how I felt at that moment

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