Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Signing in Butler

Rocky's Crowd vs Liz's Crowd

My book signing at Clearview Mall was very exciting. The former Steelers Legendary Running Back, Rocky Bleier, was having an autograph session down the hall from the bookstore where I was doing my book signing. People were waiting in line and paying $35 for his autograph. My autograph was the cost of my book and I had no line, however I had a steady flow of people stopping and talking to me about my book. A strange thing, at each of my book signings one person has approached me and asked for my autograph but didn’t buy my book.I wonder at what point I will be getting $35 for my autograph.
I must have blended into the bookstore because four people approached me and asked me questions about books in the bookstore. They thought I worked in the bookstore. I especially enjoyed talking to the elderly gentleman who asked me where the western books were located. I told him I didn’t work in the store and that I was here signing my book, Help! I Married a Cartoon Character. We talked about western books for a while. He was very interesting.

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