Saturday, September 29, 2007

Promoting my book.

Well I decided to get serious about promoting my book while I wait for my cover to be completed. I am stepping way out of my comfort zone! I have never liked to sell things and ask people if they wanted to buy something. When my kids sold things for fund raisers I bought their share instead of having them bother friends and relatives. I have eaten more fund raising pop corn, candy bars, and nuts than I care to mention. I have tons of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, and I could light a candle everyday for the next twenty years.
It took 6 months of Tom encouraging me to finally start this Blog. According to recent reports this is suppose to be the new and upcoming way to promote your book.
My family and all of our relatives that I have talked about the book with support me. But some of our close friends are a different story. For the last year I have been asking our very close friends of many years if they would buy a book I was writing and some of their reactions were: “Who the *#***## wants to read a book about Lal?” “What could you possibly write a book about?” “Why do you want to write a book?” “Who cares about what you did.” “How long is the book going to be? I don’t like to read big books.” These are the comments from the people who love me. What are the people going to say who don’t really know me? For awhile I was crushed but now I am a little better at accepting rejection.
A while back when I sent articles to magazines, I told a friend of mine when we were shopping at the book store. Later she pointed to a book and said, “You better buy this book.” The title was “How to Accept Rejection” The magazines sent back my articles with a note saying this isn’t what we are looking for.Tom made business cards with my book title and information about my web page and Blog. I will give these to friends and acquaintances when I run into them.


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