Sunday, September 9, 2007

Riding into the sunset.

We stayed in a hotel even though Marty offerd us a room on his boat. The constant swaying back and forth and up and down from the waves was a little much.
Walking on water at Lake Ontario.
We got home from visiting Marty around 2:30pm. Tom and I are exact opposites when it comes to traveling. My book is full of humorous examples of how our thinking is the exact opposite. We are at different end of the spectrum in most areas. He could just get in the car and drive for hours with no particular destination. He finds it very relaxing and enjoyable. He often says to me, “Come on, let’s get into the car and ride into the sunset.” I absolutely detest traveling. I get into the car and go from point a to b. I am very nervous on the interstates with all the traffic especially trucks. However, when I get to our destination I really enjoy myself and am grateful that we made the trip. The town Marty moved to in New York is a very beautiful little town on the shore of Lake Ontario.

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