Saturday, September 8, 2007

I have to get off this boat.

Gliding on Lake Ontario in Marty's boat.

The view from Marty's boat on Lake Ontario.

guess I should start a list of relatives and friends who would possibly buy my book. I wonder if I have enough relatives and friends to make my book a best seller. What exactly is a best seller? How many books do I have to sell to get on the best seller list? How do I get on the best seller list?
I wonder at what point do I become an author. I wrote a manuscript and it is in the process of being published so am I an author now or do I have to wait until my book is published? How do I become a famous author? If my book is a best seller will I automatically become a famous author? Could I become a famous author without having a best seller? Oh, I’m thinking way too much. I better get off this boat and get back on the dry land.

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