Sunday, September 2, 2007

My book is finished!

I finally finished writing my book, Help! I Married a Cartoon Character.
I revealed many humorous experiences of forty years of marriage to my childhood sweetheart with honesty and insight. It all started on our honeymoon when he neglected to make motel reservations and took me to a run down hotel with prostitutes prancing at the front door.
I watched my Prince Charming slowly turn into a cartoon character. Many times he would do something and I would pick up the newspaper and there would be a cartoon portraying a character doing the exact same thing.
One of Tom's prized purchases was his recliner rocker. The very first time Tom reclined into his rocker I heard a loud YELL then a THUD. When I looked in Tom's direction, the recliner tipped backward onto the floor with Tom in it. He had to roll over onto the floor to get out of the rocker.
Periodically over the next few weeks, I would hear a YELL then a THUD coming from the living room. Sure enough Tom was on the floor in his beloved recliner.
Shortly after Tom fell backward in his recliner, a cartoon from the local newspaper showed the cartoon character falling backward in his recliner just like Tom always fell. The wife in the cartoon told her husband, "Hang in there you will master that chair yet." However, I have my doubts about Tom ever mastering his recliner. It has been forty years and six recliners later and I still occasionally hear a YELL and a THUD coming from the living room.

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