Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reconsidering the cover copy!

After I posted the pictures of the cover the publishers made and the cover that Tom was working on, I received E-mail from some readers of my Blog. It appears they like the cover the publishers made.
Tom made a copy of the cover on photo paper and it looks better than on regular paper. I have gotten past the publishers not notifying me that they couldn’t make the pictures into cartoons. It’s time to move on!
Now, my focus is on advertising. The publishers feel the cover is very important in selling books. Now, what cover will attract people browsing through the humor section to purchase my book? Here are some comments I have received on the publishers book cover. “I don’t like it!” “It’s too busy!” “It’s too dark!” “It’s great!” “I love it!” “It’s perfect!” “You have to use this cover!” Now I don’t know which direction to go, since the publishers can’t make the photos into cartoon pictures for the cover.
I would really appreciate your opinion. Tom posted three book covers. Would you please E-mail me and tell me which cover you think is the best for advertising and attracting people to buy my book? Or do you have any suggestions I could use for the cover?

A. The publisher's cover...........B. Tom's cover............................C. Tom altered publisher's cover

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