Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pictures don't lie.

I’ve been busy checking over my manuscript again. After the Proofreader corrects mistakes, I am allowed 50 changes. After that I have to pay for the changes. They consider every push of the keys a change. Hopefully, the Proofreader does a good job because I don’t want to waste my 50 changes on typos. So far all the services of publishing my book have done a great job.
I put pictures in the center of the book to help you visualize some of the stories. I was looking over the pictures and for the first time I took a good look at the first and last picture. The first picture is Tom and I standing in front of his 1956 Chevy when we were 19 years old and the last picture is Tom and I standing in front of our 2006 Cadillac a couple months ago. We tried to do the same pose in front of the car but it was impossible. Did you notice how narrow the cars are today compared to cars in 1956?
I put the two pictures side by side and now I realize why classmates that I haven’t seen for awhile didn’t recognize me. I always felt a little perturbed when I had to introduce myself to someone that I hung around with eight hours a day for twelve years.

Who would have thought we would change from this to this in just 45 years!!

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Jan D. said...

Hey what kind of car is that in the first photo?? Now, does he really still fall out of the recliner??
Keep up the insights into your's and Tom's excellent adventures!!!