Friday, October 5, 2007

My book is currently in production.

I E-mailed my publisher about the minor mistakes I found in my manuscript when I read it over the other day. She informed me that the designers are creating both the interior and the cover files for my book. Once the proofs have been created they will send them to the Proofreader which can take 2-3 weeks. Once that service is complete they will send me the Proofreader’s proof form and offer up to 50 corrections on my own proof form.I told Tom I needed a briefcase for just my book information since its getting close to being completed. I want to put the important papers that I have to address in one spot and be able to carry it around wherever I go. Well, I was sitting in the living room and Tom came in and said, “Here this is for you.” He gave me a briefcase. Check out the pictures at the end of this blog and see the briefcase my husband gave me. I have nothing more to say about the briefcase. It is just another story in my life of being married to a cartoon character. After you read my book, you will understand why I find this gift from Tom not in the least bit unusual. The gifts from Tom just keep coming!

My briefcase, a gift from Tom.

Filling my briefcase with papers from my publisher.
Going to the coffee shop with my briefcase.

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