Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just chilling!

Well, today I am finishing my fall cleaning, since I can’t move on with my book until I hear from the Editorial Board. I am working on my lists of who to call, E-mail, or send a mailing for advertising my book. Many people tell me E-mail is the best way to go, but I don’t have the E-mail of most of the people. I often heard people say, “My E-mail is piling up; I haven’t read it yet.” As far as mailing, someone said to me, “What will make your mail any different than any other junk mail they get? Also, I have been told that this Blog is a good source of advertising.
Tom is trying on his vest with 42 pockets. He is so excited he found two more pockets he didn’t know he had. He is putting gadgets in and out of the pockets. I think he wants to see which pocket works best for each gadget. (I’m just guessing!) I stopped asking about his gadgets long ago. I just don’t understand the need for them. You will have to read my book to learn more about how Tom’s gadgets evolved. Why he needs so many gadgets is a mystery to me. I devoted a whole chapter to Tom and his gadgets.

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