Monday, October 22, 2007

Post Product Editorial Service.

I checked the status of my book again on my publishers’ web site and it is in Post Product Editorial Service. I think this means it is being Proofread.
I didn’t Blog for a few days because I was a little busy. Tom went out of town so this was my chance to do what my friends and I call “The Ten Minute Rule!” The Rule is after he leaves you wait Ten Minutes just in case he forgot something and comes back. Then after Ten Minutes you start your projects. This Rule prevents all the hassle and comments from them whenever we want to make a home improvement. I explain this Rule more in my book.
This time I converted half of the spare room into an office for me so I can package all my books for mailing when the orders come rolling in. Then I took over a third of his computer room for my book information, my TWO briefcases, my computer, my plant, and other important stuff. He has been home for a day and hasn’t noticed the spare room rearranged with the added tables and shelves. I am sitting in my third of the computer room typing my Blog and he is sitting at his desk. He looked over at me and made a comment, “You are spending a lot of time in here lately.” If history repeats itself it will take a few days for him to notice my stuff and realize my invasion. Unless of course he reads my Blog; I suspect sometimes he just posts my Blog and doesn’t always read it. Well I will know in a few minutes if he reads my Blog.

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