Monday, February 17, 2014

The Cartoon Characters at the Glen

Just a little excitement on our relaxing get-a-way.
The next summer, Tom and I planned a trip to the Finger Lakes in New York for our little weekend getaway to relax without the children. Tom was excited about the trip, saying, “I always wanted to go there. It’s nice and peaceful and not too far away.”

The first thing we did when we arrived was go on a boat tour to learn the history of the Finger Lakes. The next day we drove to a Glen where water roared down the mountain. We climbed a massive amount of steps to the top. While climbing, we occasionally stopped and wandered off the path. In certain areas people walked across the Glen and sat on the cliffs. Some of the places we went I didn’t feel too safe, but Tom said with some of his adventure logic, “If it was dangerous it would be roped off and they wouldn’t let us walk around here.” A couple of times we slipped on the rocks. There were many small pools of water where people were wading.

We were really tired after that hike up and down the Glen so we went back to our motel and rested. Later we went to dinner and then to the lounge for a glass of wine before retiring for the night. While I was sipping on my wine, the local news caught my attention, “A tourist drowned in the Glen earlier in the day.” It was in the exact area where Tom and I were hiking earlier. Everyone in the lounge was shocked. The bartender informed us, “The Glen is very dangerous with the steep, slippery cliffs and the deep water in some areas. Every summer at least three tourists drown.” I relived our day and was terrified of what could have happened to us if we would have lost our footing on the slippery rocks. After a while we regained our senses and started to relax again. Then a woman at the bar started choking and was grasping for her breath. Her loving husband was sitting beside her. He just sat there sipping his beer. Everyone was looking her way, concerned. Someone shouted, “Your wife is choking! Help her!” The husband answered, “Oh, it is just ice. It will melt before she dies.” He sat unconcerned and continued drinking his beer. Our relaxing vacation ended with a little drama.

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