Friday, February 14, 2014

Here is a page from my latest book "Noooo! I'm Not a Cartoon Character" it's a story about a Valentine's Day planned by the Cartoon Character. 

Tom continues to refer to himself as a caring romantic; a few days before Valentine’s Day, Tom announced, “I’ll make the supreme sacrifice and spend the day with you on Valentine’s Day. We will start off the day at our favorite coffee shop. Then I’ll take you to the movies and then to our favorite tavern for a pizza.” I thought, “What is this? Is he finally realizing what the word romantic means?” I should have been suspicious, but again my heart got in the way of common sense. On Valentine’s Day, we headed for the coffee shop and enjoyed our brew and a bagel. Then we headed down the street to the movies. On the way to the movies I saw a sign in front of a floral shop that read, “A Dozen Roses $19.99.” I thought, “What type of women get a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day? Certainly not me! What type of man buys their woman roses for Valentine’s Day; certainly not my man!”
The movie was hilarious; we laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. After the movie he took me to our favorite tavern where the waiter gave me a red carnation and wished me a happy Valentine’s Day. We ordered our pizza and a friend bought us a round of drinks. After a while another friend came over and said to Tom, “Can I buy you a drink? I left the house a couple of hours ago with this $20.00 bill and I haven’t spent it yet. Every time my glass gets low, someone buys me a drink.” Tom said, “I know what you mean. I started the day at the coffee shop and got a free bagel. Then I took my wife to the movies and we got in free. They have a policy at the Cinema that firemen and their guest get in free. Monday is free popcorn day and today is Monday. They just gave my wife a red carnation. I ordered a pizza and today it’s on special for $5.00. As soon as I sat down my buddy over there bought Liz and me a drink. I ordered another drink and it was happy hour. I put a dollar in the lotto machine and won fifteen dollars.” Wow! Again he deleted the romance from our day. I wonder why he is frugal when it comes to me and is such a spendthrift when it comes to his gadgets. And just why is he so happy and bragging about the fact he took his wife out for Valentine’s Day for practically nothing. My frugal side agreed with him, but somehow I got this uneasy feeling that something was missing. Especially since Tom doesn’t have a frugal side. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Tom just seemed a little too pleased about taking me out on Valentine’s Day for practically nothing.

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