Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Irishman

I feel so lucky I married a 100% Irishman!!! Here is a true Irish Joke!!!
Tom takes such pride in the fact that he is 100% Irish and is always referring to it. He is impossible and obnoxious on St. Patrick’s Day. He spends the day at a local tavern drinking green beer dressed like his version of a leprechaun along with his Irish buddies and the want-to-be Irish for the day. He calls himself a thoroughbred and me a Mongrel since I am a mixture of a few nationalities. He considers himself superior to me; however, he continually proves himself wrong. For instance, one time he moved the refrigerator out so he could work on the back wall before the painter came. He kept tripping on the cord when he went to get a tool or whatever. The Mongrel was enjoying the Irishman’s problem. However, she didn’t want the cord to be pulled out of the back of the fridge when he tripped so she pushed the refrigerator over a little so the Irishman wouldn’t trip and could still get to the back wall.
Can you just picture the comic strip or hear the joke? How many times does an Irishman trip over a cord to the refrigerator that he moved out so he could fix the back wall? Once, “Wow!! I almost killed myself.” Twice, “What the heck?” Third time, “Holy cow!” Fourth time, “How in the world, I almost fell.” Now the Mongrel moves the refrigerator a little and solves the Irishman’s problem. Tell me again who is superior!

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