Monday, May 26, 2008

My First Check From a Book Signing.

Check out my first check from my first book signing at a book store.
This check is from my book signing at Barnes & Noble in Denton, Texas. Their arrangement was for me to bring my own books to the book signing and they would take 20% from my book sales and sent me the rest.
My first book signing experience:
Books Tom purchased while browsing the book store $37.21.
Snacks for Tom and three grandchildren $15.98
Books I bought from my fellow self-published authors $45.47
Book signing celebration at steak house $176.29

My profit from book sales after cost of books and Barnes & Noble’s 20% $20.08

In the red for $254.91

Book signing with family in Texas-- PRICELESS!


Glynis said...

Congratulations! My friend and I have set up a blog to help writers promote their books for free,if you are interested go to

We all need help getting the publicity to get rid of the red figures lol :)

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