Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It Pays to be Persistent

Yesterday after my fourth call to a local book store, I finally got a response. I guess you just have to talk to the right employee (whoever that may be). When I called and said, “I have been calling for a month and just want to know what the dates of your self-published author book signings are and if I could schedule one. I left two messages to the person in charge and she hasn’t returned my calls. Could you find out the dates?” Her response was, “Well this isn’t right someone should have gotten back to you. Give me your information and I will talk to the manager and either the manager or the public relations person will get right back to you. I am sorry for the delay.”
Well this morning at 8:00am I received a call with the information I requested and they are e-mailing me information about the procedure to get my book into the store for sale. I know it’s a long shot for the bookstores to display self-published author’s books on their shelves, but it’s worth a try!

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