Thursday, January 10, 2008

My computer went on the blink.

About a month ago my computer started beeping and blinking on and off. Then it wouldn’t start up so now I can’t Blog from my easy chair. I am using the desk top computer and have to stay in one place.
I am getting some comments from people who read my book. Here are some comments:
“That was a great book.”

“I really enjoyed your book. It was hilarious. I remember the skunk in your cellar and Dave and Tom coming to the legion. And your insurance would have covered it I would have killed him. And that golf trip and you meeting up with Fred. I knew right away what priest you were talking Terry oh he was someone to fear. That was hilarious. I always wondered why you stayed married to Tom. I want a hard copy signed and I will put it away for my great grandchildren to read. I’m giving this book to my friend to read.

“Your book was great! I especially liked the story on gadgets and I can relate with repairs it took me two years to paint a railing black and white. The way you wrote your book and followed through to the end shows that you are a close family. I liked the way youexpressed where your kids are now. You have found your nitch. If you write another book call me I will buy it.”

“At one of my book signings a man was browsing through the book and started laughing hysterically. After he composed himself I asked him what he was laughing at and he said, “When he leaned against the closet door and fell in. I do that all the time.”
“I liked the part where Lal had you go first if there was any danger.”

“I liked the part where you accidentally bumped Tom’s latest golf injury when you walked out of the room.”

“I really liked your book especially the chapter on old age it’s nice to know other people do the same things I do. It has to feel really strange to be driving along and not know where you are going. I liked where you get Tom back by changing the silverware drawer I do that to my husband and it really does relieve tension.

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