Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Enought about black and white colors. I have always been drawn to shades of brown, green, and blues. However, for this cover I have been considering a purple background and yellow letters. I can't come to a final decision so I thought I would go to the book store and see if any colors stand out. Just before I left I told Tom I have come to a decision, the background is going to be yellow and the letters red unless I find some color more appealing at the bookstore.

After going up and down many the aisles a book caught my eye. The colors are yellow and red, Tom's name and my maiden name Wolfe. This has to be a sign. What I don't know. Of course I had to buy the book. I tried to read it to find a clue, however, I don't think it's his best writing. Some others tried to read it and couldn't get past the first few pages. There just has to be a reason I was drawn to yellow and red before I left for the book store and this book was sitting on the shelf with our names on it in bright red letters

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