Monday, February 22, 2010

500 Miles

I learned the hard way to pack a survival kit when traveling with Tom. Our first 500 mile trip 45 years ago was from North Carolina to Sharpsville. It was a non- stop trip in a 56 Chevy. He filled up the gas tank and stopped at a grocery store and bought a pound of bologna, a pack of buns, and a six pack of pop. After a few hours I begged him to stop for lunch but he was full of bologna and wouldn’t stop. By the time we got home I wasn’t speaking to him. I came a long way since that first trip. Before we left Sharpsville for our twelve hundred mile trip to Texas; I packed a survival kit. It consisted of a dozen of oranges, crackers, cheese, protein bars, mixed nuts, water, orange juice, grape juice and vegetable juice. We left Sharpsville on Thursday and arrived at Texas on Saturday afternoon. We are still speaking.

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